PrescribeIT® Specification and Guide Version 5.0


This message specification for PrescribeIT® is divided into two sections: "PrescribeIT®" is the core specification and it is augmented by "Shared Health" specification. The two specifications are highly integrated.

See PrescribeIT® v5.0, v5.2, v5.2 Revision A, v5.2 Revision B, v5.3, v5.3 Revision A, and v5.3 Revision B Change List

PLEASE NOTE: v5.0 of the PrescribeIT® Specification and Guide have been superseded by v5.3. v5.3 is compatible with v5.0 and v5.2 but contains additional features implemented in support of adoption in Quebec. Navigating to and will now result in a redirection to

NOTE: The version (Bundle.meta.tag:version) that is sent in the message will remain PrescribeIT5.0